Invitation for Expression of Interest to Present at P9

08 Nov 2016

Dear members of the RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data IG,
At our meeting at Plenary 8 in Denver (notes can be found at, one of the suggested future
activities for our IG was to have "invited presentations on user
experiences, repositories, repository software" at plenary sessions.
Following that direction, we would hereby like to invite expressions of
interest from you to give a presentation at RDA Plenary 9 in April 2017
in Barcelona, Spain
on the following topics:
- Experiences with selecting, implementing, and using specific research
data repository platforms/products at your institution
- Selection criteria your institution has employed to choose that
research data repository platform/product
- Positive and negative attributes of the chosen repository
platform/product, based on your experiences
- Usage scenarios for the chosen repository platform/product in your
organization (who interacts with it, and how)
- Wishes, visions and ideas for how research data repositories should be
developed or enhanced in the future
As much as possible and applicable, *please* reference the functional
requirements from the matrix that our IG produced (see in your presentation.
The deadline for these expressions of interest is Friday, Dec. 2, 2016.
All we need is a working title and one short paragraph of what you might
want to present.
We do not yet have an assigned time slot for a meeting of our IG (by
itself or jointly with another one) at P9. Once we do, and if we get
enough expressions of interest, we will issue a formal call for submissions.
Your co-chairs,
Robert R. Downs <***@***.***>
Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn <***@***.***>
David Wilcox <***@***.***>
Stefan Kramer <***@***.***>