Follow-up to the RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data IG virtual meeting on June 20, 2016

08 Jul 2016

Dear members of the Repository Platforms for Research Data IG,
Following the virtual meeting on Monday, June 20, 2016
we have discussed the feasibility of
undertaking the survey that was discussed on that day *as an IG* - and
concluded that it is not
practical. The level of effort and engagement necessary to design,
administer, analyze, and report on
a survey is more than can reasonably be expected of members of an
Interest Group; furthermore, the
work on the survey would have to limited to those who have been
approved for human subjects research
by the respective rules of their organization, so no more than a few
This leaves open the possibility of developing a survey, based on the
functional requirements gathered
in the matrix with use cases, by a newly proposed RDA working group
(which we might discuss at the
Sep. plenary meeting in Denver); and, of course, once the final
version of the matrix has been
published, it can be used, with proper attribution, by anyone as input
to further research (including
the creation of a survey), independent of the RDA.
After the publication of the matrix - the "deliverable" per our group
original case statement - we envision future
activities to be more like those of other RDA IGs, namely
presentations and discussions around
Repository Platforms for Research Data topics at future plenaries,
starting with P9 in Barcelona.
In other news, we have learned of the assigned time slot for our IG's
meeting at RDA Plenary 8 in Denver: it is 16:00-17:30 on Thursday, 15
Sep., 2016.
Your co-chairs:
David Wilcox <***@***.***>
Stefan Kramer <***@***.***>
Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn <***@***.***>