DMP common standards WG consultation

28 Nov 2017

Dear group members!
I am the chair of the DMP Common Standards working group [1] and would like to draw your attention to an open consultation that our group is running. I believe the results can be useful to both of our groups and that's why I would like to ask for your input.
The DMP Common Standards WG works to realize a common model for machine-actionable data management plans. We believe that many things can be automated when the information provided in DMPs can be filled out automatically and also consumed by services. The key to the success is involvement of all stakeholders within the research data lifecycle.
We are running an open consultation on GitHub in which we are collecting user stories from all stakeholders. The aim is to understand who needs which information an when, as well as who can provide this information and when. Repository operators and managers are one of the main stakeholders in this process. For this reason, we would like you to express your point of view on requirements towards machine-actionable data management plans. We would like you to let us know what kind of information you would like to find in a DMP, and which of this information you could provide - best in a semi-automatic way. Here is the link to the consultation:
In the ideal case, the model developed by our group can be processed by the repository tools to help, for example, at the ingest to get automatically information on content types, licenses, and to set embargo periods. The more we learn about your needs, the more useful model can be for you. That's why your input matter!
In case you have any questions please let me know. Please feel free to forward my e-mail to anyone who may be potentially interested in this consultation.
Kind regards
Tomasz Miksa