Repository Core Description Working Group

19 Jul 2016

Repository Core Description Working Group

This WG proposal emerged from the repository registry discussions within the Data Fabric IG. The bootstrapping co-chairs are Michael Witt, Johannes Reetz, Herman Stehouwer and Peter Wittenburg. At P8 we will suggest an election of the co-chairs and present an initial core group covering European, US and Asian experts also including an increased number of other initiatives that are actively building large federations.


For background information look at the Repository Registry web-pages in the DFIG realm:


Work Group (WG) Charter

The task of the RCD WG is to analyse existing mechanisms and schemas with help of which repositories are offering their detailed characteristics to service providers and based on this analysis develop two concrete recommendations:

  1. A set of guidelines that should be followed by digital repositories in presenting their characteristics
  2. A flexible enough nevertheless unified schema that should be used by trustworthy repositories in presenting their characteristics

Since it will not be easy to collect the information of a large group of repositories active in larger federations, the WG may restrict itself to deliver point 1 within the 18 months period, i.e. shift the definition of an agreed schema to a phase 2 group.


The full case statement can be downloaded  here.