Survey invitation "Value of data curation," please participate by January 22, 2021

05 Jan 2021

Dear RDA colleagues,
Our team from the Data Curation Network seeks input from users, staff,
curators, and directors at US-based data repositories (disciplinary,
government, institutional, and general) to help us better understand (1)
the *level of data curation *provided by your data repository and (2) what
you perceive as the *most important value-add* that data curation has on
the data sharing process.
*By data curation, we mean the various actions that may be taken to ensure
that data are fit for purpose and available for discovery and reuse.*
Your participation in this *10-minute survey *will help establish which
data curation actions are commonly in practice across various types of data
repositories and any perceived value these actions have on the data sharing
process. With your help, the results of this survey will better enable data
repositories to benchmark curation actions in a meaningful way and to make
evidence-based decisions regarding the value proposition of doing data
curation at one level versus another.
What to expect: You will be asked to define the “level of curation” taken
by a specific data repository and share any perceived value that you feel
this work adds to the resulting data product.
*Begin survey now:
Disclaimer and data sharing: There are no incentives for your participation
nor penalties for lack of participation. Survey responses will be collected
anonymously and all effort will be made to protect the identity of the
respondent. To encourage honest feedback, the identity of the data
repository will not be tied to participant-level responses. A deidentified
dataset of participant-level responses to this study will be published for
open and long-term reuse in the Data Repository for the University of
Minnesota ( within six months of the survey close.
This research was reviewed by the University of Minnesota Institutional
Review Board as STUDY00011146.
Credits: This survey is authored by members of the Data Curation Network
, an alliance of US-based academic and
non-profit data repositories that share a mission to help researchers
ethically share their research data.
Thank you on behalf of the survey authors:
Sophia Lafferty-Hess, Duke University
Hannah Hadley, Penn State University
Renata Curty, University of California, Santa Barbara
Hoa Luong, University of Illinois
Susan Braxton, University of Illinois
Jonathan Petters, Virginia Tech University
Jake Carlson, University of Michigan
Wendy Anne Kozlowski, Cornell University
Lisa Johnston, University of Minnesota
Lisa Johnston (she/her)
University of Minnesota Libraries - Twin Cities
Data Management | Digital Conservancy
| Data Repository DRUM
| Data Curation Network

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