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17 Feb 2016

​**Apologies if you already got this** (I'm not sure how the lists overlap,
and wanted to make I didn't miss anyone...)
Dear all,
Thank you for your patience. I am happy to announce our current slate of
acknowledged adopters for the Publishing Data Workflow reference
- Giving Researchers Credit for their Data
- Elsevier Research Data Management Solutions
- Academic Commons at Columbia University
- Scientific Data
- ISPS Data Archive
- Digital Curation Centre
- Research Space
- University of Edinburgh DataShare
- GigaScience
Presentations on adoption at RDA P7:
29Feb - Data Publishing Side event, adoption stories
(cocktails following!)
2Mar - RDA recommendations & outputs, 0900
3Mar - Publishing data workflows breakout session
Please let me know if you are an adopter and I have missed your
ALSO, please let me know:
1. If you are an adopter, will be in Tokyo, and want to present on your
adoption at the Data Publishing Workflows breakout session (2-3 minute
lightning presentation)
2. If you are an adopter, will NOT be in Tokyo, and would like to submit a
statement* regarding your adoption that we can feature in the adoption
3. If adoption suddenly sounds like a fabulous idea, and you would like to
BE an adopter - Check out the pre-print of the article,
http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.34542, which details a nascent reference
model and some recommendations. (also, please respond with regard to
numbers 1 & 2)
Timeline: 19Feb, THIS Friday
- Please submit any statements for inclusion in the master slide deck
- Please let me know of desire to present
Thank you, everyone!!
*Example statement: The DCC (Digital Curation Centre) is drawing on the
reference model for a new title in its series of How-to guides, which offer
practical guidance to research organisations on delivering support for
Research Data Management. The new guide 'How to Document Workflows for Data
Preservation and Publishing' is to be published in 2016, and will set out
the benefits of workflow documentation, describe simple tools for doing so,
and illustrate examples that build on the Working Group's report.
Amy Nurnberger, Research Data Manager
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
Columbia University / 212.851.2827
E-mail: ***@***.*** <***@***.***>
ORCID: 0000-0002-5931-072X
Twitter: @DataAtCU
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