Preprint on reproducibility feedback request (awarded RDA Europe adoption grant)

10 Jun 2020

Dear all,


The Maneage project (MANaging data linEAGE: was awarded an RDA Europe Adoption grant last year for adopting the recommendations of the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows Working Group from the researcher's perspective. In this time, thanks to RDA's support, we were able to present it in several international seminars, hold some workshops and increase its user base (and thus improve its implementation, documentation and etc).


I am happy to say that a draft paper describing its founding principles and the necessity of considering longevity in reproducible solutions has just been submitted to CiSE (titled "Towards Long-term and Archivable Reproducibility") and is available as a preprint on arXiv:2006.03018 (the most recent PDF, that has incorportated feedback after the arxiv-submission is also available).


We (the co-authors and I) are thus making this post to have your feedback if you have a chance to take a look (the main text is only 6 pages). The paper has itself been written in Maneage, and its "maneaged" source (including its paper.tex) is also available on Gitlab, allowing direct edits as git commits. I am sure that with your feedback, the quality of the paper will greatly improve by the time it is published. Of course, all feedback will highly appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.


I will also be presenting Maneage next week in the RDA Global Adoption Week (on 18th June 2020), you are most welcome to join.


Best wishes,

Mohammad Akhlaghi

Postdoctoral researcher,

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), Tenerife, Spain