[Scholix] Please also register for the new RDA/WDS working group

27 Feb 2017

Dear RDA/WDS Data publishing services working group members, 

Please note that this working group has delivered the outputs and that these have been accepted. The work has not ended though: the Scholarly Link Exchange working group (or Scholix WG) will expand on this work and put things in practice and make the scheme operational. We have noted that some members of the 'old' working group have not registered for the 'new' working group. This may be because you are no longer interested, but in case you still are interested in linking data to papers, please do also register for the Scholix workgroup. And hope to see you in person in Barcelona.

You can do so by going to the RDA Scholix WG and (after you login to the RDA site) join as member.

Kind regards,

Wouter Haak (co-chair)

PS: if you have registered as member for the new group already, please disregard this e-mail and see you in Barcelona!