Webinar: Update on Specialists, Generalists, and Technical Repository Service Providers Position Paper

08 Sep 2020

Dear Certification IG Members,

On behalf of my fellow IG Co-chairs, I would like to invite you to join us for a special webinar at 13:00 UTC on Wednesday, 7 October. Please pre-register for this webinar by sending your name and email address to ipo@worlddatasystem.org.

The webinar will be hosted by the World Data System of the International Science Council, and is a follow up to the recent request for feedback on a position paper developed by CoreTrustSeal concerning how generalist repositories and organizations providing technical infrastructure and services to repositories might be appropriately recognized as trustworthy components of the research data ecosystem.  

Many thanks to everyone who commented on the position paper. At this time, the CoreTrustSeal Board is carefully analyzing all of the feedback received, and is determining how to best update the paper to reflect the majority thinking of the community. Although more details on the exact content of the webinar will follow, it is intended to be the next step in CoreTrustSeal's community engagements on subjects of strategic importance, and is expected to contain both preliminary results of the analysis, as well as asking those in attendance about how to address remaining open questions. The next version of the position paper will be disseminated to the community in due course for further comment, with another update given at the Certification IG's breakout session at RDA P16.

We look forward to having you join us at this webinar. Again, please register your interest at ipo@worlddatasystem.org.

Best wishes,
(On behalf of IG Co-chairs: Dawei Lin, Garry Baker, Jon Petters and Rorie Edmunds)