Notes & Presentations from P14

21 Nov 2019

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you so much to everyone who attended the IG's breakout session at RDA's 14th Plenary Meeting. As ever, the turnout was amazing–especially considering we were scheduled first thing in the morning on the final day–and it is always gratifying to see the appetite people have, and how invested they are, in topics surrounding certification.
We sincerely apologize for the long delay, which is simply down to me being a bit useless, but we are finally in a position to share the presentations from the breakout with you. You may access them, along with a static copy of the notes as they currently stand, from the following folder on the IG page:
Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Yulia Karimova, the RDA Europe Early Career grant winner assigned to our IG at P14, for the wonderful set of notes she wrote during the breakout.
We hope to see you in Melbourne,
(On behalf of the Certification IG Co-chairs: Dawei Lin, Garry Baker, Jon Petters, and Rorie Edmunds)