IG Webinar: The TRUST Principles for Trustworthy Data Repositories – An Update

03 Sep 2019

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to draw your attention to the below webinar aimed specifically at the IG. Other interested parties within the RDA community are also welcome to attend: please feel free to share widely.


Following a highly successful call for comments after the IG’s breakout session at P13, we are pleased to inform you that a new, expanded group of authors has worked together to produce the second version of the TRUST Principles White Paper. It is expected that this version will be released at the start of next week (commencing 9 September), and we will send you a separate message once it is available.


To coincide with the release of Version 0.02 of the White Paper, on Thursday, 12 September at 13:00 UTC, Dawei Lin (IG Co-chair) will present an update on the TRUST Principles. The webinar will remind people about the Principles, before looking in depth at how the concept has maturated since P13. The hope is for additional community feedback such that we can present an even more complete Version 0.03 of the White Paper at the IG’s breakout session at P14. The webinar will also briefly mention some outcomes when the Principles were recently discussed at a workshop attended by representatives of the Biomedical Sciences community.


To register for the webinar and to receive the connection information, please contact the WDS International Programme Office: IPO@ICSU-WDS.ORG.
[Note: This webinar is complementary to a WDS webinar that will focus more on the lessons learned during the abovementioned workshop. Videos and the presentation slides from both webinars will be made available to all.]


Best wishes,
Rorie Edmunds
(On behalf of the Co-chairs of the RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IG)


Time & Date: Thursday, 12 September at 13:00 UTC (local time here)
Title: The TRUST Principles for Trustworthy Data Repositories – An Update
Presenter: Dawei Lin, Ph.D.
The acknowledged importance of the FAIR Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) for data implies the related question, “Who can we trust to enable FAIR?”. The FAIR Principles tend to focus on the current state of data. For data to stay authentic and FAIR over time requires contextual information and “trustworthy” repositories that will actively support and maintain the FAIRness of these data. FAIR data will only stay FAIR if managed in collaboration with those having professionalism in preservation.
To develop concise and measurable approaches to trustworthiness, at the breakout session of the RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IG during RDA P13 (2–4 April; Philadelphia, USA), Dr. Lin presented the TRUST principles proposed by the CoreTrustSeal Board. The principles consider Transparency, Responsibility, User Community, and Sustainability, and Technology (TRUST) as the essential components for assessing, developing, and sustaining the trustworthiness of data repositories, and thus supporting the scientist and other actors.
This presentation will talk about the latest updates to the White Paper outlining the basic concepts of TRUST and that we hope will ultimately be endorsed by the community. It will also touch upon some use-cases developed since the first release of the White Paper.