Notes from latest RDA/NISO Data Privacy Group call

03 Jun 2016

hi all,

I am attaching the notes from our call last month with apologies for the delay.

Please note the task group formation page is now on the wiki at and you may sign up for an existing group or create a new one for others to sign up. 

Summary of outcomes:

1.    Those on the call decided to pursue formation as an RDA Interest Group (rather than a Working Group).  
ACTION: Todd Carpenter will adjust case statement back to IG format and, after posting it for a period of feedback from the group, will submit to TAB for formal approval as an interest group. Won't change the outcomes but will adjust how the approach will work over time.

2.     To allow groups to start meeting and discussing targeted areas of interest, we will create several “task forces” to operate beneath the umbrella of the Interest Group.  Members will volunteer to lead these task forces for their discussions and decisions about outputs.  When ideas coalesce enough, RDA working groups (with formal case statements and TAB approval) can be formed. ACTION: Michael Zimmer will edit the RDA wiki to create 5-6 themed groups; anyone can add further task force ideas. People will add their names under one or a few and volunteer as a task force chair.  Chairs will organize the smaller groups to get work done.
ACTION: Sebastian Karcher will set up a shared Zotero account where group participants can add citations to build a Bibliography of materials in these areas.  [See Sebastian's comment about this at


Nettie Lagace
NISO Associate Director for Programs

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