Task Groups

Various task groups will be formed to help achieve the desired outcomes of the working group. Please sign up for a group, and help refine its focus.


Updated February 20, 2017 to reflect consolidation of task groups to form "Policy Frameworks to Practice Task Group;" Previous task group structures and questions for investigation are archived on a IG wiki subpage and available for continued reference.

The Policy Frameworks to Practice Task Group is focused on achieving two core aims:  

  • The development of a framework that explains, at a high level, the precautions that data creators, data repository managers, data aggregators, data users, and other data stakeholders should follow in creating, using, preserving, and providing access to research data.

  • Development of guidance to support responsible sharing and management of personal and sensitive data, as well as tools to help research data stakeholders to put these recommendations into practice.

Currently, the planned outputs of the Policy Frameworks to Practice Task Group include the following (see hyperlinks to working documents):

  • Output A: Collection of Value Statements and Codes of Ethics 

    • What statements/frameworks concerning privacy and sensitive research data already exist? What can we learn from these in order to help us create a framework?

  • Output B: Personas

    • In order to provide resources to stakeholders in this area, we will identify data stakeholders working with or creating data with privacy. These stakeholders may include: Research subjects, repository manager, PIs, scientists, research administrator, researcher creating a data set, researcher reusing already existing data, grant funders, data user/consumer, community and familial rights (and relationship to individual privacy, indigenous rights, data sovereignty).