task force organization call pre-P8 / Monday August 29, noon Eastern

23 Aug 2016

hi everyone, thanks for the input on the poll.
The time that matched for the greatest number of respondents was Monday, August 29 at noon to 1 pm Eastern time. Please mark your calendars!
Dial-In Number (US & Canada): (877) 375-2160
International numbers: http://bit.ly/niso-dialin
Conference code: 10711493
As mentioned last week, we will discuss the task groups [see https://rd-alliance.org/group/rdaniso-privacy-implications-research-data... and what is necessary to move them forward. If you have signed up, or have not yet signed up, your input is needed!
Thanks and talk soon,

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    Author: Ruth Duerr

    Date: 23 Aug, 2016

    Hi Nettie,
    I’ve looked at the task groups and quite frankly am having a hard time figuring out where to chip in. The reason I say that is that I deal with Local and Traditional Knowledge a lot and the issues seem to expand upon the descriptions currently in the task groups or another way to say that would be that the issues spread across all of the task groups and need to be taken into account in each. Are there other people in the IG that deal with LTK?
    Thanks and looking forward to the telecon...
    “A scholar’s positive contribution is measured by the sum of the original data that he contributes. Hypotheses come and go but data remain.”
    - Santiago Ramón y Cajal in “Advice to a Young Investigator” from 1897
    Ruth Duerr
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    Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship

  • Nettie Lagace's picture

    Author: Nettie Lagace

    Date: 25 Aug, 2016

    hi Ruth, thanks for this observation. I’m not sure I know the answer right away but it sounds like something we could discuss and figure out how to address…
    Talk to you on Monday,

  • Nettie Lagace's picture

    Author: Nettie Lagace

    Date: 29 Aug, 2016

    hi, we’re starting our call now… please join if you can!

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