Notes from July 5 Call of Privacy IG work on Value Statements and Use Cases

17 Jul 2017

Dear members of the Privacy IG ,
This email is to recap items discussed during the last call of the task group focused on Value Statements (Output A) and Use Cases (Output B), which occurred on July 5. This was the first meeting of this 'arm' of the IG since the Barcelona Plenary. Participation in this group is always open and the next call is scheduled for today, July 17 at 3pm Eastern / 8 pm UK/ 9 pm central Europe
RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG
Task Group, Output A & B: Value Statements and Use Cases
Meeting, July 5, 2017
Present: Bonnie Tijerina (Data & Society)
Nora Mattern (University of Pittsburgh)
Nettie Lagace (NISO)
Lisa Hinchcliffe (University of Illinois)
Rebecca Kameny (Dryad)
Ken Varnum (University of Michigan)
Oya Beyan (RWTH Aachen University in Germany)
Please note, all documents are available in a Google Drive folder, accessible at
The July 5 meeting focused on two outputs for the task group: Value Statements (Output A) and Use Cases (Output B).
Output A: Value Statements
* We are working toward "the development of a framework that explains, at a high level, the precautions that data creators, data repository managers, data aggregators, data users, and other data stakeholders should follow in creating, using, preserving, and providing access to research data."
* The IG collected existing codes of ethics and value statements
* We will conduct a content analysis of value statements, looking at issues of concerns and mapping these concerns to the relevant lifecycle stage(s), actor(s), and action(s). Rebecca and Nora are working on the instrument.
* We asked people on the call to add their names and a few statements to the instrument to work on.
Output B: Use Cases
* There was a move to use cases and away from just personas, as suggested by Stefan Kramer and others at the Barcelona Plenary; Stefan provided us with an example of use case development work by an RDA IG; We will look at the repository standards interest group for their work in this area
* The next steps include updating an instrument originally created for persona development ; please feel free to volunteer to work on this
* Rebecca shared that DataCure is working on a related survey for use cases; Amy Koshoffer is participating in this work. Rebecca offered to connect the two groups to learn whether any of the use cases can be used for the privacy IG.
* Oya has an example of a possible use case and has follow-up with Bonnie
Action Items to discuss next call:
* Meeting frequency
* Resources (RDA Wiki and Google Drive folder)
* Output A
* Output B
* Goals for RDA Plenary 10
* Any other business
Next scheduled meeting:
Monday, July 17, 3pm Eastern US / 8 pm UK / 9 pm central Europe
US: preferred 973-935-2037 / backup 1-877-375-2160
UK: preferred 020-3107-0236 / backup 080-8234-8621
Global numbers can be found via
Conference code: 10711493