Fwd: Doodle: Link for poll "NISO/RDA Privacy Implications Of Research Data Sets IG - A & B"

17 Jul 2017

hello, here is a Doodle poll for scheduling upcoming calls for Task Groups A&B.
We will use this poll to pick the time of our next conference call, but the time chosen will also be used to schedule ongoing meetings on a bi-weekly basis (e.g., if the time chosen is Tuesday August 1, the next meetings will be August 15 and 29, September 12).
Please fill out your availability at http://doodle.com/poll/sxvtrnwvfn6tst83 - ideally in the next few days if you can.
We understand that many people take vacation days in the summer so please don't worry if you will miss a meeting.
Also please note the expanded times are to enable potential group participation from Asia & Australia. (We'll see if this works!)