Re: [rda-edu-ig][rda-codata-summer-schools] Education TDM Call this afternoon

14 Nov 2016

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your speedy reply.
I've created a reference as below. Would this suffice for now?
Almas, B., Beaulieu, M., Boehnlein, A., Duerr, R., Erlandson, M.,
Herring-Harrington, L., . . . Shorish, Y. (n.d.). RDM Educational
Efforts - v2. Retrieved November 14, 2016, from
This spreadsheet was intiated by the RDA/US Education effort, and is
intended to capture efforts and resource related to research data
management education globally.
I'm looking forward to start adding South African initiatives and
resources to the document and will bring the contribution aspect to the
attention of our colleagues at other SA institutions.
Thanks for everyone who've contributed thus far! Very useful resource.
Kind regards,