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The development of advanced materials inherently rests on access to a distributed materials infrastructure and materials research data to fuel discovery and innovation.  RDA aims to accelerate and facilitate research data sharing and exchange. Similarly, CODATA works to strengthen international science for the benefit of society by promoting improved scientific and technical data management and use.  Given these complementary missions, this RDA IG and the CODATA TG will work together under the following statement in support of the exchange of material data.  

The success of the scientific endeavor rests on the foundation of free and open exchange of ideas and supporting data.   We believe this kind of exchange with computational and experimental materials data through shared online repositories, standardized formats and terminologies and open programming interfaces is essential to accelerating the discovery, design, and development of advanced materials.  Making this data widely and freely available, as a "public good", creates increased opportunities for conducting fundamental research while facilitating potential commercial development activity of data-based services, tools, and applications.  It therefore follows that it is in the scientific and economic interest of all countries to operate under this framework of free and open data exchange to the greatest extent possible, in such cases where it does not infringe on intellectual property  or national security.


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16 May 2019

Plenary 14: Call for Sessions, Collocated Events, Posters and Registration Now Open!

Taking place from 23-25 October 2019, the 14th RDA Plenary will take place in Dipoli, the nature-immersed building of Aalto University, Helsinki, in Finland, “one of the happiest countries in the world”, states Per Öster, CSC-IT Center For Science Director and Co-Chair of the P14 Programme Committee.


22 Mar 2019

Thursday, 4 April, 9:00 - 10:30 Session & proposed Task Group

Dear All,

We look forward to our IG session on Thursday, 4 April, 9:00 - 10:30  IG RDA/CODATA Materials Data Infrastructure & Interoperability Session | Room: Commonwealth B, Lowes Hotel. 

The session agenda is available at https://rd-alliance.org/materials-data-ig-meeting-rda-13th-plenary-meeting 

24 Jan 2019

Materials Data IG Meeting - P13 Session Accepted

Dear Working/Interest Group members,
Congratulations! Your session application - Materials Data IG Meeting -
has been approved and will appear in the RDA Plenary 13 Programme.
Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.
The detailed Plenary 13 programme will be published online by 11
February, 2019, and your scheduled session time will be published in the
programme. The programme will also include the link to your meeting web
page – please keep that page up to date with any changes to your agenda

06 Mar 2018

Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RE: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RE: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RDA

Dear Gerhard,
All is well and it is very good to know that you will participate at the RDA P11. Below is a draft agenda that it is hoped will encourage full discussions. It is also anticipated that a draft of the Final Report will be available on the MRR WG site the week before the meeting.
Best wishes & see you soon,
21st March 2018 - RDA 11th Plenary Meeting - Day 1
Breakout 2 - Wednesday 21st March 2018, 14:00 - 15:30
MDII IG & MRR WG Joint Session
Moderator: Laura Bartolo, Northwestern University