Teleconference 02 Dec. 2016

Teleconference 2 Dec. 2016: Notes

We took the following decisions.



  1. All members of the group mare requested to add contact persons and emails to the list of organisation we intend to ask for endorsement of our principles.


  2. We concluded that contacting the organisations individually may not be realistic. Therefore we intend to ask umbrella organisations to endorse/disseminate the principles.


  3. In addition to personally contact umbrella organisations we would like to disseminate the request for endorsement via mailing lists.
    For this I added a sheet “MailingLists” to our Google spread sheet. Please ad names od mailing lists there together with you name so we know who can write on those lists. Thanks! See


  4. We talked about our session at the upcoming RDA-Plenary Meeting in Barcelona
    Essentially we came up with groups of topics:
    Adding case studies/ best practices to the principles. E.g. See mail by Natalia
    Possibly looking at new topics. I proposed to consider the legal structures of research data infrastructure in order to find how much control the “research community” can exert on the individual infrastructure. The research community should avoid the risk of losing data because of ownership or policy changes of infrastructures.


  5. Our next teleconference wil take place 16 Dec. 2016