Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] A smartphone app for understanding copyright on research data

24 Mar 2015

Dear colleagues,
We will resume our conference calls this Friday at 9:00 a.m. EDT to
complete the Principles, Implementation Guidelines, and possibly even the
case studies by the next RDA meeting. Attached are the draft Principles and
Guidelines in redline format.
The discussion agenda is as follows:
1. We will discuss the Principles first and may well complete that
discussion this Friday.
2. If so, we will move on to the Implementation Guidelines and discuss them
in order. We need to assign primary responsibility for the text in each of
them, so please be ready to volunteer. We also have to agree on a common
format for them, so we have a consistent treatment in the end product.
3. Finally, we will need to determine a schedule for the calls. My
suggestion is that we hold them every two weeks, but we have to be flexible
to accommodate everyone's busy schedules.
I would like to thank Willi Egloff for the additions and edits to the
Guidelines that are in the attached redline text, and Richard Hosking and
Mark Gahegan for forwarding the paper on the legal app for research data.
We will discuss the latter in a subsequent call. If you cannot participate
in this call, please send your written comments to the group.
Paul F. Uhlir, J.D.
Scholar, National Academy of Sciences
and Consultant, Data Management and Policy
4643 Aspen Hill Court
Annandale, VA 22003
Cell phone +1 703 217 5143
Skype: pfuhlir; Email: ***@***.***

Web: www.paulfuhlir.comi
Twitter: @paulfuhlir

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