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20 Feb 2015

Here, if it helps, are some limited notes on the first part of the discussion and the actions:
Continuing discussion of principles
Principle 5: Metadata
Should narrow the focus to metadata relating to legal issues and rights. Should identify rights holders and usage rights.
Should focus on the legal rights and legal issues associated with data.
Should recommend that metadata standards include a field for licence and legal restrictions. This could be the subject of a further piece of work for the group.
Revision suggested by Bob:
The metadata or documentation for any publicly available dataset should include clear information on data rights, including who owns or controls these rights or if the data are in the public domain, and what the dissemination, redissemination, and usage rights are. Ideally, all metadata for a dataset should be freely provided with no legal restrictions.
NISO Access and Licence Indicators:

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ACTIONS: share wording revisions by CoB Monday. Paul and Enrique to discuss on Tuesday.
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