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16 Jan 2015

Sorry, I'm in a meeting this afternoon, unable to join the call.
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Objet : Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] Call-in instructions for Legal Interoperability group call...
Dear Colleagues,
In preparation for the call tomorrow, I again would like to provide the call in logistics and the agenda for the call. Please call in to a conferencing service (toll-free in the US), as last week:
Dial: +1 888 537 7715
Partcipant Code: 23350459#
For participants outside the US, the call is NOT toll free, so please use your Skype or other low-cost international system.
In this call, we will have a general discussion of:
1. The revised scope of the Legal Principles to focus on legal interoperability issues, rather than the broader scope at present. This was suggested by Christoph Bruch this week and seconded by Herbert Gruttmeier and Tracey Lauriault (and myself). A better definition of the audience also is part of that.
2. If we have time, we will discuss the Principles themselves, but they will clearly have to be restructured significantly if we are to focus on legal interoperability.
Please also access the RDA website, go to the Legal Interoperability Interest Group home page, and click on the "Group Wiki" button on the right-hand side. The most recent draft of the Principles document is available there for discussion and your input. At the end you will find a list of other statements, declarations, and principles that we will link to in the Preamble, so please take a look. I also have attached the substantive comments of Christph and Herbert
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