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15 Apr 2015

Hi Simon
I forwarded your message to Maria (her email is below) and told her to contact you in case she did not receiveit.
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Thanks for this, Paul.
Herbert, Maria: I don't believe I have Maria's e-mail address, so I am temporarily using the list. How do you want to proceed with our section? In my view, either someone should simply volunteer to take a first draft or we should arrange a time e.g. next week to have a chat about it? Let me know what you think. If the former, please volunteer! If the latter, please suggest some rough times and we can doodle to narrow it down if necessary.
Best wishes,
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On 11 Apr 2015, at 16:35, puhlir
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Dear colleagues,
I have uploaded the draft Implementation Guidelines and the assignments we agreed on in yesterday's telcon (see Simon's messages from yesterday, above) to the wiki on the RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability IG website. It is easy to use this wiki to edit the document, so please use it. You just need to:
- Be registered for the RDA website.
- Click on the Interest Group icon and find our Legal InteroperabilityIG home page
- Click on the wiki icon on the upper right corner of our home page
- Click on the "edit" icon and the Draft Implementation Guidelines wiki file.
- Edit away! [Please type in a message, leaving your name and date of the editing, since I don't believe that is automatically recorded)
On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Paul Uhlir
<***@***.***> wrote:
Terrific, Simon, much appreciated!
On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 12:39 PM, CODATA ED <***@***.***> wrote:
Dear all,
Thank you very much for your time and input today. I though we arrived at some useful agreements for how to take the next piece of work forward.
Please find below a brief summary of agreements and ACTIONS.
Legal Interoperability Implementation Guidelines
The following is agreed the distribution of responsibility for drafting sections of the Implementation Guidelines. Please note that we stressed that these should be very preliminary drafts - the most important thing is to get content into these sections which can then be discussed.
1. Access and reuse > Herbert, Maria and Simon
2. Balance > Willi
3. Harmonisation > Enrique
4. Transparency and certainty > Christoph
5. Metadata > Enrique and Gail
6. Attribution and Credit > Gail and Bernard
7. Equity > Paul
8. Responsibility > Bernard
ACTION Paul > put the document on the RDA Wiki
ACTION all > to add sections to the document by 4 May
Next Call, 8 May
We agreed that the next call would be on 8 May at the usual time - the details are below and in an attached calendar file. Ideally these should be submitted, even in very draft form by 4 May. The call on 8 May will be a preliminary call to discuss where we are and may be followed up by a further call 2-3 weeks after.
Case Studies
The purpose of the Case Studies is to assist research data managers faced with legal interoperability problems by documenting example cases. The final output should be a description of the particular data involved and the legal interoperability issues they face and how they work through these issues. On the call it was agreed that the existing case studies need to be harmonised. Enrique agreed to follow up on this.
ACTION Enrique > Contact the Case Study leads to ensure that the case studies take a harmonised approach.
Next Step on Score Card Tool
There was a brief discussion on the scorecard tool, perhaps as a focus of an RDA WG emerging from this group. Gail shared some information in the chat which I relay here:
Gail Clement (to All):
Accoiation of Research Libraries: Learn all of this from Balanced Scorecard experts who focus on mission-driven organizations and collectively possess over 50 years' experience helping public and private sector organizations implement their strategies. Each lesson is specifically designed to train participants on each aspect of
the BSC, from strategic objectives to measures to initiatives to strategy review meetings.
Gail Clement (to All):
J. Stephen Town Martha Kyrillidou, (2013),"Developing a values scorecard", Performance Measurement and
Metrics, Vol. 14 Iss 1 pp. 7 - 16
Permanent link to this document:
Gail Clement (to All):
The Balanced Scorecard is a performance measurement tool first popularized by Robert Kaplan and David Norton (who also penned the foreword to this book) in a 1993 Harvard Business Review article. It involves matching a variety of measures with one or more expected values-from each of four perspectives (financial, customer, internal process, and organizational readiness)-tracking results, and analyzing any variance between them. As in baseball, organizations come away with both a snapshot of the present and a sense of where they are headed.
Gail Clement (to All):
That's it! Have a great weekend, folks.
With very best wishes,
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