Notes from this morning's call

08 Sep 2017

1. Speakers, topics, and session structure for Montreal have been finalized and reflected on the official program page at We are focusing on three case studies in data licensing beyond Creative Commons that are each very compelling and have great synergy amongst them:
* Belmont Forum - Dr. Carrie Seltzer;
* NIH awardees - Dr. Melissa Haendel;
* NSF-funded prototype for data licensing - Dr. Jane Greenberg.
* A fourth hoped-for case from information sciences/publishing is still tentative - Co-chair needs to follow up with proposed presenter asap
2. The structure of our program is two back to back sessions on Wed. Sept 20, 1:30-5 pm, with a coffee break in between.
* The first session is in a larger room for ~120. This one is listed in the program under the link referenced above
* The second of the two sessions does not have its own listing on the official plenary program, so we have added information about that session to the one linked above. There will be flyers at the first session with info and room number for the second session to help direct attendees from one to the other
3. Co-Chair Gail Clement will moderate the back-to-back sessions. Three rapporteurs from the Legal Interop IG will help facilitate discussions; take notes; arrange sticky notes on wall; and generally stir the pot as appropriate: Bernard Minster, Bob Downs, Steve Diggs. This team will meet during the coffee break to review plans for the second session.
4. Supply list brought by Cochair: sticky notes and pens; oversize flipcharts for the wall; adhesive technology to stick things to the wall; guidelines for rapporteurs.
5. In first session, Cochair will ask speakers at the end of their presentations to identify ~ 3 licensing issues that are barriers to data sharing. Rapporteurs will take notes and then we will use these issues as jumping off points for the second session
6. A bientot! See you in Montreal.