Draft notes from our RDA P5 breakout and agenda for the call this Friday at 9:00 a.m. EDT

07 Apr 2015

Dear colleagues,
Attached are draft notes from the Legal Interoperability breakout session
at the RDA meeting last month in San Diego. Bob Chen and Ernesto Alonso
Garcia, the other two co-chairs of the group, as well as other participants
in that meeting, may have some additions or changes to the notes. We can
finalize them on the next call.
The call will be this Friday, the 10th, at 9:00 a.m. EDT, the usual time.
As we agreed on the call two weeks ago, we will discuss the first two
Implementation Guidelines, and a methodology for working on the case
studies (or a scorecard for the case studies), which would be conducted in
parallel with the Guidelines. We may need to separate the two discussions
and hold different conference calls, at least for a while, since it may be
too much information to discuss in 1-hour, biweekly calls.
I will send an updated version of the Implementation Guidelines by Thursday
evening, so look for those if you will be participating in the Friday call.
Simon Hodson will send the logistical instructions for the call in the