Draft 12 Dec 14 telcon notes and 2 session descriptions for RDA P5 breakouts

15 Dec 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Attached are the notes from our telcon last Friday, which were taken by Bob Chen and Donat Agosti, and then integrated by me. They include action items for the group and for different people on the group, so please take a look. If you participated in the call, forward any corrections or omissions.

Also attached is a 1-pager that describes the two breakout sessions we are proposing for the RDA P5 in San Diego in March. These are still very much in draft stage, so your questions, suggestions, or edits are welcome. I need to submit the descriptions to the RDA Secretariat today, but I suspect we will not finalize them until next month or even in February, so your input is welcome. I have already had a conversation about the second session with Bernard Minster and we will be discussing his suggestions in a conference call with the group next month.

Happy holidays to all,