Call for Data licensing case studies – Montreal Plenary – CODATA-RDA Legal Interop IG

07 Aug 2017

Dear Colleagues,
The CODATA-RDA IG on Legal Interoperability of Data will be running a two-part session “Beyond Creative Commons Licenses: what are the legal barriers to data sharing?” at the Montreal Plenary, Day 2, 20 September. (see details at The purpose of this program is to identify and discuss barriers to adopting the IG’s guidelines for distributing data under a CC license or CC 0 waiver.
We will have 3-4 speakers presenting their use cases where the CC suite does not fit, including representatives from the global change and biomedical communities. This call is to invite you to present a case from your community of practice or institution in the first part of the session (13:30 – 15:00 pm) and then participate in working group break outs in the second part of the session (15:30-17:00)
Please reply to IG Co-Chair and program Convener, Gail Clement, at ***@***.*** with questions or ideas for your case study.
Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,
Gail P. Clement | Head of Research Services | Caltech Library | Mail Code 1-43 | Pasadena CA 91125-4300 | 626-395-1203 |