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Atlas of Knowledge Simon Lambert

Complete (RDA EU 3 project)

Webinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgCywgO7YHk

Not being maintained / updated after the end of RDA/EU 3?

Beth’s 4-field categorisation

Beth Plale


Excel spreadsheet that Peter W sent round to TAB. Dated 29 Sep 2015.

TAB undertook a thematic clustering activity 2014-2015.  The clustering chosen was along 2 dimensions. Beth sent a questionnaire to the chairs and got input from about 40% of them. Rough map produced.

TAB Landscape Overview Group (TAB/LOG)

Steve Diggs

Status not clear

See RDA Integration between TAB:LOG and AOK -v2a and RDA_Gothenburg_WGIG_Mapping-IG_Diggs_20170613_part_two


Following the discussion on the connection between technical/generic groups and disciplinary groups  at the 2016 Tokyo TAB/Chairs meeting, TAB set up a "Landscape Overview Group" with two subgroups, one to assess that topic and the other one to work on the connection between groups with an infrastructure orientation (e.g. libraries, archives, IT services) and those with a "functional" point of view (e.g. publishing, DMP, VRE, reproductibility). The TAB/LOG is chaired by Steve Diggs.

New visualisations presented at 9th Collaboration meeting, Vienna, June 2018

TAB folksonomy keyword activity



Rationalised version of the six tags provided by most of the groups in response to a request from TAB in 2017, and a further analysis done by Gary Berg-Cross

Folksonomy outputs socialised with chairs at P10

Further analysis shared with Chairs ahead of WG/IG Collab meeting in Jan 2018

A categorization scheme for RDA Working Groups and Interest Groups

Rebecca Koskela


A categorization scheme for RDA Working Groups and Interest Groups based on core goals around data sharing, reuse, and interoperability was presented at the TAB/Chairs meeting during Plenary 11 in Berlin.  The categorization is intended to address the following issues:

  • Help RDA members and non-members to understand the activities within RDA

  • Identify connections across groups

  • Help RDA (organization) identify gaps and overlaps among groups

  • Help to communicate the work of RDA to outsiders/funders

The results of the survey will be analyzed and the initial results made available in dynamic network graph visualization. This analysis will be used to inform other road mapping exercises.

Link to survey: https://bit.ly/2vkCoPI



Results presented at WG/IG Chairs meeting in June 2018: 



Gaithersburg Analysis

Gary Berg-Cross and Siri Jodha

January 2018


See Gary's RDA Text Analysis Overview slides and Siri Jodha's Topic Modeling Analysis (note new file as of 10 Jan 3:10 ET)

Ricarda Braukmann's model and analysis Ricarda Braukmann (DANS) Completed July 2018


(includes spreadsheets of actual groups' classifications etc)

Report written for the RDA Europe 4.0 project describing a project that assessed the RDA Groups and Outcomes and their relevance for social science researchers. This datasets gives an overview of the first results of this analysis, providing a list of all RDA Groups and Outcomes as well as an indication of the relevance of the Groups and Outcomes for Social Sciences researchers.

Other related activities

Activity Contact State and date Further information Comments
Catalogue  Mapping of the Landscape IG Ongoing   Rowena has asked about how they could present / link their catalogue better within the RDA framework

P11 BoF “Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs”



Survey of producers and consumers of outputs held - few results, but valuable

Stefanie to touch base with Anthony and Daniel

RDA/US activity on Output adoption and impact

Anthony Juehne



Stefanie to touch base with Anthony

Possible mockup of a faceted search interface Amir Aryani Conceptual Used to discuss possible ways of using categories to improve discovery  

RDA Metadata

See also this document that Hilary (?) started and that Françoise sent Andrew.