Re: [secretariat][rda-wfg] RDA Web Focus Group - December conference call

14 Dec 2018
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Dear Sara,
I am about to go on annual leave and won't be able to attend the next
meeting. I will be back at work on the 7th of January.
A comment on your suggestion that we investigate using Indico for the
online presence of plenaries. I've had a look at the documentation, and it
appears well suited for publishing a conference schedule *once that
schedule has been decided*. The challenge for our Plenaries is that we have
to manage ten or more parallel tracks as well as a complicated clash matrix
based on chairs of multiple groups. We have software that helps with this,
and then we need to do some manual tweaking. And then people ask for late
changes (but that is a separate issue). So, unless we can interface Indico
to our current system for avoiding clashes, it will be of limited help with
the scheduling task.
I'll get in contact once I am back at work to see what the meeting decided.
Best regards,
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