Interest Group Title: GO FAIR IG

Group Page:  https://rd-alliance.org/groups/go-fair-ig

Charter: https://rd-alliance.org/group/go-fair-ig/case-statement/go-fair-ig-chart...

Proposers:  Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos, Erik Schultes

Date Received by TAB:  5 Jan 2019


Summary: The TAB recommends several revisions to the GO FAIR IG (GFIG) charter to ensure its aim, audience, and potential impact are clearer to RDA constituents and attract the appropriate members and attention that a well constructed IG deserves. The GFIG should ensure that its scope is worded so that it does appear to be a claim to 'own FAIR' and that it doesn’t set itself off as an insular group of current GO FAIR members.  The TAB welcomes a partnership with the quickly growing initiative and looks forward to a revised charter.  Please rename the IG to clearly signal this group liaises with RDA, such as "RDA GO FAIR Liaison IG" or similar.  Further develop examples of how this IG will relate or interface with other RDA IG/WGs in this space, as well as opportunities to liaise from GO FAIR Implementation Networks (INs) to RDA IG/WGs.  A TAB liaison would be happy to work with you on suggested revisions.

Focus and Fit:  

Because of the importance of FAIR and its impact across RDA constituencies, it is recommended that the IG narrow or further specify the focus to ensure effective progress as well as a clear identity, distinguished from activities in other existing IGs.  Renaming the IG to show the liaison role between GO FAIR and RDA would support this suggestion, such as "RDA GO FAIR Liaison IG" or something similar.  For example, an IG could be established that connects an RDA constituency with a GO FAIR IN (Implementation Network), bringing activity and conversations that are currently occurring at RDA and that would allow for innovations in the GO FAIR IN to flow through to RDA and be submitted as IG outputs.  Or this proposal could be revised to make clear which set of IN bridging activities would be attractors, and again, choosing ones that underscore new activity not yet present within RDA.  A discussion of what may be gained from this forum (IGs or WGs that spin out) would also be helpful.  Please include specific examples of current connections between INs and IG/WGs, as well as opportunities for connection.  Please discuss how you will interface with the RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model WG.


Please consider adding the lead of one of the larger or more mature INs as a Co-Chair, to ensure the IG includes also leadership driven by the community.  You may want to summarize recent developments in international capacity, and how this could impact the group you expect to join this IG.  As well, you may wish to expand your membership list so it is more accurate to true interest and reflects the breadth of disciplines and countries that we believe may exist for an IG like this.   Please comment on or consider structuring the charter so it is clear that the GFIG is meant to be more than the GO FAIR meeting at RDA, but rather a gathering of colleagues who might not otherwise be part of a GO FAIR conversation.

Impact and Engagement:

Please give some recent examples of how countries, industry, and (academic) researchers are adopting and benefiting from (GO) FAIR techniques and best practices.  You may also wish to remind the group of the policy imperatives driving your current engagements to invest in GO FAIR training.  What outcomes might this IG produce?  Collaborations for new tools, teams  to harden existing tools and/or to include in existing frameworks?  Are there opportunities to attract specific audiences from other IGs and WGs that will benefit RDA and GO FAIR, etc. Consider including the issues that are not identified by RDA WGs and IGs that GFIG could solve.

Recommendation:  Charter is Sufficient __; Charter Requires Revision X; Charter is Rejected __