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21 Sep 2018

Hi Marieke,
Yes, as Anne suggests we’re not yet in a position at the NHM to provide an adoption story I’m afraid. At the moment the museum is in the middle of a major technical upgrade of our collections management system, which makes it hard to get the adoption of the attribution model very high on the CMS team’s priorities in the near future. However I’m in discussions to determine whether it might be applicable to any of our other platforms, so hope to find another adoption use case which would be less dependant on the CMS work being complete.
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Hi, yes, sorry. You sent this note earlier. I've copied my contact at NHML. As far as I know it is too early to really say anything. Matt, can you comment? iDigBio, might come on line faster. ImpactStory is more of a second-tier adopter. They wouldn't be able to do anything until providers of attribution data have adopted.
On 9/19/2018 2:17 AM, Marieke Willems wrote:
Dear Anne, all,
In your recommendation I've seen that the Natural History museum of London and Impactstory are both adopters of the Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship. We're looking for Adoption stories to publish in a news-item and visual story such as this one from OpenAire:
Would the Natural History Museum of London be ready for such a story and would you be so kind as to put us into contact with them?
These days we're tweeting on your recommendation being open for community comments, please retweet as you see fit. In this same line I'd like to ask you for a short quote on this recommendation and a picture of you we can use in this same series of tweets (e.g.:
Many thanks already and kind regards,
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