RDA Webinar - RDA & Social Sciences

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RDA Webinar - RDA & Social Sciences
02 Nov 2022 UTC

RDA Webinar - RDA & Social Sciences

02 Nov 2022
14.00 - 15.30 CET

In the successful webinar series on RDA outputs, RDA-Nordic is inviting you to join an exciting webinar on how RDA supports social sciences and contemporary data management practices in this field. This is the 5th webinar in the RDA output series.

RDA is an extensive resource for generic information on data management but also in certain cases domain specific information. Several RDA groups are for example working on supporting researchers in the field of social sciences, and in this webinar we will present an overview of the social sciences landscape in RDA together with concrete examples of how researchers are working with social sciences-specific data management standards.



Ricarda Braukmann and Louise Bezuidenhout, DANS:  Social Sciences - Navigating the RDA landscape

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) hosts more than hundred Interest and Working groups around various topics related to (open) research data and innovation. For newcomers it can be difficult to navigate the RDA landscape and understand how it operates, and which groups may be relevant to follow. To support (new) social science researchers, DANS has created a report that gives an introduction to RDA and an overview of the groups most relevant for the social science domain. Louise Bezuidenhout and Ricarda Braukmann will present an updated version of this report, first published in 2018. In addition, they will provide an overview of upcoming events, initiatives and changes within the RDA.

Hilde Orten, Sikt:  The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Metadata Standards in context

The presentation will introduce the three main products of the DDI Alliance:

  • DDI-Codebook;
  • DDI-Lifecycle;
  • DDI-Cross domain integration (forthcoming).

In addition, DDI’s role in the metadata standards landscape and in relation to the FAIR principles will be addressed.

Benjamin Beuster, Sikt: DDI usage in practice – An example from the European Social Survey

The Data Documentation Initiative Lifecycle (DDI-Lifecycle ) is an international standard for describing surveys, questionnaires, statistical data files, and social science study-level information. In this part of the webinar, we will focus on DDI-Lifecycle and its usage in the new data portal of the European Social Survey and provide real life examples.

The webinar is a cooperation between SND, DeIC and Sikt.

Contact: martin.brandhagen@snd.gu.se

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