Data for SDGs call for all: Wednesday April 28th @ 2pm UTC

27 Apr 2021

Greetings fellow RDA for the SDG IG members,

I hope that you are all doing well and have much to reflect on from Plenary 17.

Just a quick reminder that RDA for the SDG IG will be holding an open community call tomorrow, Wednesday, April 28th 2021 @ 2pm UTC 

7:30pm IST (India) // 4pm CET (Germany) // 10am ET (U.S.)


The Zoom can be accessed here:


  • Summary and discussion of group mission and status

  • Recap P17 and received feedback (menti meter, council, increasing awareness)

  • Review potential strategies and next steps

    • OntoSDG form distribution

    • Workshops/webinars for community engagement inside and outside RDA

    • Co-chair data submission game/spree

    • Domain/goal specific co-chair group engagement