RDA Node Slovenia Workshop: Research Data Management

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RDA Node Slovenia Workshop: Research Data Management
11 Mar 2020 UTC

RDA Node Slovenia Workshop: Research Data Management

11 Mar 2020


Data management plans have become a key component of responsible data practices within the European Research Area (ERA). Data management plans support the research team in collection, analysis and publication of data, and can promote long-term preservation, reuse and access to research data. 


The workshop will present:

  • examples of data management plans,
  • tools to create data management plans,
  • processes within four Slovenian repositories that store and provide access to data,
  • Research Data Alliance recommendations that mark the development of international FAIR ecosystem and open research data.

Participants will also contribute to the Slovenian version of 23 things: Libraries for Research Data.  

Workshop is open for researchers, support services at research institutions, librarians and all professionals involved with research data.

Participants must register (free of charge). Contact the coordinators at arhiv.podatkov@fdv.uni-lj.si for help with the registration form. Simultaneous interpretation to English will be provided.


See the event page for more details.