RDA Groups Policy


Published 1 April 2021

The purpose of this policy is to support RDA groups undertaking the work of RDA (Working Groups (WGs), Interest Groups (IGs), and Communities of Practice (CoPs)) in ensuring that all interested parties are able to access information and documentation as well as engage with group chairs and members. As per RDA Guiding principles and organisational structure, all activities are open and available to all.


1.   Group chairs should: 

  • Provide regular reminders to group members and to the larger community as to the communication channels, working documents, meetings, etc. via group communication channels. 

  • Ensure this information is accessible and clear on the group web page. 

  • Other channels can be used for the work to be executed, but all RDA members must be able to access them, and instructions on how to join each channel must be prominent on the group’s home page.

2.   Proper attribution to the RDA, including references in publications, websites, and emails, must be made according to the correct acknowledgement text (see https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-us/communication-kit/acknowledgement-publications), listing and linking the group(s) responsible.

3.   All group work must be performed within the framework of the RDA Guiding Principles (see https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-rda) and respect the RDA Code of Conduct.

4.   Interest Groups and Communities of Practice should: 

  • Actively seek new Co-Chairs to refresh their leadership on a regular basis. The RDA recommends that each IG and CoP changes at least some of their Co-Chairs approximately every 18 months. 

  • Stagger Co-Chair terms so that institutional knowledge is transitioned well between Chairs and the community retains consistent leadership and support, keeping in mind that the Co-Chairs should continue to represent different geographical regions. 

5. All RDA Groups should:

  • Notify the RDA Secretariat (enquiries[at]rd-alliance.org) whenever a WG, IG, or CoP Chair changes so that the Secretariat can make the necessary administrative changes. 

For further information on the roles and responsibilities of group chairs, please consult the RDA Working and Interest Group Chairs: Roles and Responsibilities document. You can also email the RDA Secretariat (enquiries[at]rd-alliance.org) if you have any questions.


We ask that groups respect these policies within 3 months of publication. Groups that have not done so, within this timeframe, will be contacted and requested to implement the policies within 1 month. If this does not happen, the Secretariat reserves the right to close the group.

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