Council Election Process

This describes the process for nominating and approving RDA Council members as described in the RDA Governance Document and the RDA Foundation Governance Document.

  1. A call for nominations and expressions of interest goes out at or soon after the Plenary preceding the election Plenary.
  2. The nomination deadline is roughly two months before the election Plenary (currently the March Plenaries).
  3. The Nomination Committee determines the proposed slate of three candidates two weeks prior to the election Plenary.
  4. The slate is announced to the membership one week prior to the election Plenary.
  5. The slate is announced again at the start of the Plenary and the election is opened for two weeks.
  6. The Council Members ending their term, officially end their term once the new members are approved.
  7. The Secretariat conducts the election as described by the general voting process. All members of RDA have one vote. There is no limit as to when a member must join before thay can vote. In other words, they can join and vote immediately. The election simply asks whether the individual accepts or rejects the proposed slate.
  8. After two weeks the election is closed and the votes are tallied. Results are determined by a simple majority vote.
  9. If the slate is approved, the new members join Council immediately. Secretariat ads the new members to the Council web group and mailing list and updates Foundation records with Companies House and the UK Charity Commission. The new members participate in the next scheduled telecon and meeting.
  10. If the slate is rejected, the Nominating Committee has four weeks to create a new slate. They can decide whether they want to put out another call for nominations or not. A new election is announced by the Secretariat and is open for two weeks. This repeats as necessary until a slate is approved.
  11. Once the new Council is approved, they appoint the Nomination Committee for the next year.