Common voting process for RDA-wide elections.

RDA-wide elections and referenda, including those for TAB, OAB, and Council, shall follow these general rules and procedures to ensure integrity, consistency, and accuracy.

  • Prior to the announcement of an election, the Secretariat designates two of their member to serve as an "election monitor" and a “second".
  • The election monitor is responsible for: (They don’t have to do it all, just make sure it gets done, well, and on time.)
    • announcing and conducting the election,
    • ensuring compliance with rules,
    • reviewing and verifying results,
    • announcing results, and
    • ensuring appropriate updates to documents and records after the election. 
  • The second tracks the process and steps in if the first monitor is unavailable.
  • The voting is conducted by an online system managed by the Secretariat.
  • Once a member has voted, they cannot change their vote, even if the voting period is still open.
  • The tally of the votes shall not be visible to the members until after the election closes.
  • Secretariat members, as members of RDA, may vote. Any administrators of the voting system who can see the current tally of votes must vote just before the election officially opens. This is to avoid anyone being able to monitor current tallies and thereby have undue strategic influence in their vote.
  • At least two people, as determined by the election monitior, review and verify election results before they are announced.
  • Results should be announced within 24 hours of the close of the vote, unless there are extenuating circumstances.