report to council

27 Nov 2013

I am scheduled to give a report to Council on our progress when they meet 10-11 Dec. In preparation, I sent Herman this short report to include in their meeting packet


• Mark Parsons, Secretariat and TF Chair
• Beth Plale, TAB co-Chair
• Raphael Ritz, DFT co-Chair
• Larry Lannom, interim OAB and DTR co-chair
• Juan Biccaregui, interim OAB co-chair
• Tony Hey, Council
• Gerry Lane, IBM
The task force has agreed on a two phase process. In phase one, we define what outputs RDA might produce and endorse. In phase two, we invite international legal experts to guide us on the appropriate IP for those outputs. The central goal is to encourage adoption of RDA principles and outputs.
We also seek broad input. Our site and deliberations are open. We invited all WG and IG chairs to comment and participate. We will again solicit community input at the end of phases one and two.
We near the completion of phase 1 and have an initial draft policy. The intent was for RDA to promote openness and interoperability but to own little and not to formally certify applications. BBased on a review of known and potential WG outputs, we define classes of outputs: general "discussion documents,” formal “Recommendations on Data,” and external implementations that make use of RDA recommendations and discussions.  The general idea is that RDA endorses and maintains relatively few simple documents and that these are available in the public domain. We encourage transparency and require WG members to state their interests, but we generally avoid conflicts by formally owning very little.
We have a telecon 2 Dec after which we will probably release the draft for comment and then start to involve the legal experts.
We anticipate delivering a final recommendation in early January.