Helsinki RDA Organisational Assembly

RDA Organisational Assembly meeting

Tuesday 22 October 2019, 17:00-19:00 local time (14:00-16:00 UTC)
Palaver meeting room, Dipoli conference area, Aalto university (Otakaari 24, 01250 Espoo)

Open to all Organisational and Affiliate Members

[For questions regarding the Organisational Advisory Board (OAB) and the Organisational Assembly (OA),
please refer to]

Draft agenda (work in progress)

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Objectives of the meeting:

The Organisational Assembly (OA) is the main body through which organisations can influence the work of RDA.  The OA is composed of representatives of all RDA Member Organisations (Organisational and Affiliate Members). Organisational membership gives organisations a chance to introduce real problems in data interoperability and to call for those issues to be addressed.  OA membership gives organisations a chance for early access to RDA outcomes and a pre-publication opportunity to review outcomes and provide feedback on their utility. The OA has elected an Organisational Advisory Board (OAB) as its executive committee to represent the OA and liaise with the other governance bodies. Although this session is primarily for the members of the Organisational Assembly, representatives of any organisation interested in RDA to explore organisational membership and to gain a sense of the important work accomplished by the OA can be allowed.  Please contact the co-Chairs and the RDA secretariat at to join us to learn how your organisation can make a difference and can receive real value through associations with RDA. In this meeting some of the main topics of the meeting besides the reports from the RDA Governance will be OA member clusters, the membership TF,  and the plan for the next OAB elections.

Chair: Amy Nurnberger

  1. Roll call and introduction of new members, Amy, co-Chair, 5'
  2. Agenda approval - Call for any other business items - For approval
    • Note that SG Hilary Hanahoe will be coming at ~18:00 local time from the RDA for newcomers for the SG update
  3. Approval of minutes from previous OAB meeting -  For approval
  4. Updates from Secretary General, Council and TAB, 30' - For information
    • Secretary General, Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Status presentation, 15' (at ~18:00 local time)
    • TAB update, Francoise Genova, 10'
    • Council update: RDA Strategy and current priorities, 10' - OAB co-Chairs
      • Updates to also cover:
        • Finance subcommittee status (related to RDA sustainability)
        • Regional engagement status
  5. Organisational Assembly projects
  6. Update from Membership Task Force - Kevin
    • Recap from last meeting
      • The Membership task force reviews how RDA works, along with all its membership and funding streams. It is part of RDA sustainability planning for the future, recognizing that the way we get support will be changing and has already been changing, e.g. funding from plenaries, regions. The TF specifically deals with what it means to be a member of RDA globally, regionally and as organisations. The TF so far has looked in moderls of other bodies and what charges are applied. Now it will be checked how relevant are these for RDA. And move towards recommendations. The TF will offer also an opnioin on Organisational Membership. This is the role of OA and Kevin's role in the TF. Amongst the questions on Individual and Organisational membership is whether we see ourselves as members of a global organisation which can also interact with a region or more local which will interact with the global (which will be a major shift).
      • It may be considered that OA formulates a view on this.
      • Updates since September - Kevin
  7. Next OAB elections - plan - Co-Chair-Fotis
    • The current OAB -link- has 12 seats, out of which 2 are reserved for Industry.
    • Currently there are 7 members + 1 observer member from Industry (Joost).
    • Members:
      • Amy (also co-Chair), elected in March 2018 (term ending) - Seat for (re-)election
      • Kevin (also co-Chair), elected in March 2019 (term ending in 2021)
      • Juan, after his co-Chairmanship, re-elected in March 2019 (term ending in 2021)
      • Raphael, re-elected in March 2018 (term ending) - Seat for (re-)election
      • Rebecca Koskela, elected in March 2019 (term ending in March 2021)
      • Shelley Stall, elected in March 2019 (term ending in March 2021)
      • Tuomas J. Alaterä, elected in March 2019 (term ending March 2021)
    •  Observer (from Industry)
      • Joost Wagenaar
    • In summary:
      • Active members: 5 (+1 observer from industry)
      • Seats for (re-)election: 2 (including co-chair)
      • 3 seats empty
      • There are also two seats reserved for industry (currently we have only observers).
    • Notes
      • According to the OA process document there is no limit on re-elections.
      • “The OAB co-chair elections are held immediately after the OAB elections with voting by the new OAB members”. The second co-Chair will thus be elected among the new OAB, most probably in Melbourne.
      • Regarding the nomination process:
        •  All members of the Organisational Assembly (OA), which consists of the designated representatives of Organisational Members and Affiliates, are eligible for nomination.
        •  A member may be nominated by another member, or be self-nominated.
        • Next steps: Search committee for new members and nominations timeline
      • The OAB has a very important role within RDA; all organisational representatives are strongly encouraged to consider offering themselves for nomination or to actively promote the nomination of a fellow organisational representative.
  8. Next meetings
    • One more meeting before Christmas break? Doodle?
  9. AoB
  • Decisions/Actions from September meeting
    • P14 Pathways:
      1. Decision/Action Andrew: Keep the Developing Nations pathway for a couple of more plenaries and re-assess it after that. In the final version do not show the empty sessions.-Closed 
      2. Decision/Action Andrew: Review the pathways by the end of the week, adding "Human/Skills" and possibly "Technical", with the assumption that a session can belong to more than one pathway. Then liaise with Secretariat for publication (another round of comments is not needed) - Closed
    • RDA Membership Task Force
      1. Action Kevin: Send a message to the OA with the news on the Membership Task Force and invite people to comment/discuss - Open - See agenda item 6.
    • TAB nominations
      1. Action: OA members to consider proposing other members from their organisations - Closed 
    • Decision: Early bird registration for P14 available exclusively for OA members until the very end
    • Decision: Job post advertisements in RDA website another exclusive benefit for OA members
    • Decision/Action all OA member: (If you haven’t done already) Fill in the Organisations clustering by the end of September. Action Kevin/Secretariat: Send personal messages to OA members with mail merge. - Open - See agenda item 5c.
    • EU Open Science event at RDA 14: Registration: -Closed.
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