Two reminders for OAB members - meeting today, and survey on meeting presentations

21 Jul 2020
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A reminder that there is an OAB meeting today in 90 minutes time at 12:00 UTC
The agenda is here:
and the gotomeeting link is
I also remind you that our co-chair, Rebecca Koskela, sent out a survey link two
weeks ago to determine which groups should provide presentations on their work
to future OA meetings. We have already had some response but would appreciate more.
Here's a link to the survey:
Please select up to 5 choices. If you don't see something that you are
interested in, the last question can be used to type in your request.
The legend for the abbreviation after each item is:
Endorsed Recommendations: ER
Supporting Output: SO
Supporting Outputs under Review: SOR
Recommendations under Endorsement Review: RER
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