RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines for OA endorsement

15 Jun 2020
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Dear Organisational Assembly Members,
As anticipated, I attach the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines,
final Release for your endorsement / feedback.
A few things to highlight:
1. this is the 6th (and final release) and the previous 5 versions have all
been open for public comment for varying periods between 1 and 2 weeks.
(see for releases and comments submitted via RfC - we received many others
via email)
2. the work is the fruit of the labour of over 165 active contributors and
overall we have approx 600 individuals signed up across the 7 Working
3. we would appreciate all feedback by *Monday 22 June 2020 (midnight
UTC). *
4. we plan to publish and promote the final version on 30 June
The document is being shared with TAB and Council too and I would kindly
ask you to include any comments / feedback in the following Google document
(to assist the editorial team):
Do let me know if you have any questions.
Many thanks and kind regards
Hilary Hanahoe
Secretary General Research Data Alliance
Tel: +39-345-4719284
email: ***@***.***-foundation.org
skype: hilary.hanahoe
Twitter: @hilaryhanahoe
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-0328-3419
Web: www.rd-alliance.org
RDA Foundation: https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-rda/rda-foundation
RDA 16th Plenary Meeting, 10 - 12 November 2020, San Jose, Costa Rica - see

RDA 17th Plenary Meeting, 20 -22 April 2021, Edinburgh, Scotland - see
IDW2021 *(co-organised by RDA, CODATA and WDS and incorporates 18th RDA
Plenary Meeting)*, 8-11 November 2021, Seoul, Republic of Korea - see

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