RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines - 5th release - PUBLISHED

28 May 2020
Groups audience: 

Dear Organisational Members,
We have just published the 5th (pre final) release of the COVID-19
Recommendations and Guidelines - https://doi.org/10.15497/rda00046
This version is now open for public comment until 8 June 2020
I would ask you all to circulate this document and the executive summary
and press release to your networks (links below). In addition to collecting
feedback on this before it is officially endorsed, we want to broadcast far
and wide this amazing community collaboration, cooperation and co creation
for the benefit of the stakeholders.
Though our work is not done, this release is a significant milestone. It is
a culmination of thousands and thousands of hours volunteer effort from
experts across many disciplines. It is the fruit of an unbelievable drive
and demonstration of passion and dedication from a global RDA community. A
community I am so proud to represent.
I have always known that RDA is an amazing community, but I have never
witnessed such a powerhouse of our members coming together to drive this. 5
releases and unprecedented contributions from over 200 experts in less than
2 months.
Thank you for helping me ensure this effort is given the visibility it
deserves and reaches the stakeholders that it has been drafted for.
Kind regards
News piece and press content at
1. Research Data Alliance COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines
Executive Summary

2. Research Data Alliance COVID-19 Complete Recommendations and
Guidelines – 28 May 2020 Release

3. RDA COVID-19 Working Group

4. RDA COVID-19 All Working Group Outputs (5 releases)

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