RDA Organisational Assembly - Dublin 26 March 2014

Organisational Assembly meeting, Dublin, 26 March 2014

[This page has some background material and a draft agenda for the Organisational Assembly meeting of Dublin based on the Organsitational Process Document and the discussions that took place in the Interim OAB video calls. All such related material can be found at https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/rda-organisational-advisory-board-oab....


Organisational Members of RDA

Organisational Membership is critical to the success of Research Data Alliance (RDA), because organisations are instrumental in implementing the global data exchange systems that RDA enables. Organisational Members of RDA (OMs) will exercise considerable influence in the development of standards for data exchange and will be seen as pioneers in realising full value from research data. Unlocking value from research data is a key competitive advantage in the 21st century and RDA and its members are at the heart of building this new economic model from exchanging research and scholarship data.

Organisationnal Affiliates

The Research Data Alliance wishes to work with likeminded organisations in order to coordinate efforts in mutual areas of interest and to avoid unnecessary duplication and conflict. Each Organisational Affiliation will be considered on its own merit, and the particular circumstances will determine the approach to collaboration in each case.

The Organisational Assembly

The Organisational Assembly (OA) is the body of representatives from the Organisational Members and Organisational Affiliates. The OA holds a meeting at each RDA plenary. The OA meeting enables OA members to help set priorities, hear about progress, and draw up recommendations from the Organisational Members. It provides a forum for discussion of how RDA outputs are to be implemented and deployed.

The OA elects an Organisational Advisory Board, with its membership drawn from representatives of the Organisational Members and Affiliate Organisations.

The Organisational Advisory Board

The Organisational Advisory Board (OAB) is constituted from members of the OA selected by the election process described in the membership process document.  The OAB advises Council on the directions, processes, and mechanisms of RDA. With support from the Secretariat, the OAB is responsible for commenting on the RDA Organisational and Process Plan document. A co-chair of the OAB serves as an observer member of Council.

Decision on Dublin OAB elections

The OA meeting in Dublin will be open to all, however, membership and voting rights will be reserved to representatives of organisations that have either signed any of the following:

  • The Letter of Intent (the LoI could be signed on the spot or bringing a copy in Dublin)
  • The Member Agreement (if there is a version agreed upon by then)
  • The Subscription letter (again if there is progress on drafting something in time for Dublin)
  • An Affiliate MoU (or intention to sign an MoU)

See the latest status of organisations that have signed either the LoI or an MoU at https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/rda-organisational-advisory-board-oab...

An OAB will then be formed from these by asking for volunteers who will commit to active participation in the activities of the OIAB.  This  may continue to be called interim OAB or any other name decided at the meeting. This OAB will then be replaced by an elected OAB, probably at the latest in the next plenary (i.e. not more than 6 months).

It was also decided to keep both models for organizational membership (agreement and subscription) as there are different requirements by different organisations and that invoices should be send when things are clear with the two models (probably not earlier than 1-2 months).


Draft Agenda - Meeting open for all

1. Introduction - Setting the scene (see Background and Decision on Dublin election from interim OAB above)

2. The roles of the OA and the OAB (what is the OAB for)

3. Interim OAB election (name to be defined)

a. Candidate Statements

b. Election process (voting allowed to the ones who signed any of the documents mentioned above)

c. Next steps and election procedure for formal OAB in the next plenary

4. Promoting the OA and increasing membership - promoting the outcomes of RDA

A follow-up meeting of the elected interim OAB will take place.