Interim OAB meeting 14.4.2014 with minutes

Initial Organisational Advisory Board meeting - Μinutes

Monday 14 April, 12:00PM-2:00PM (GMT+1), web meeting with video recording available at


Phil Archer, W3C

Kevin Ashley, DCC, UK

Juan Bicarregui, STFC, UK (Chair)

Fabrizio Gagliardi, BSC, Spain

Siddeswara Guru, University of Queensland, Australia

Fotis Karayannis, ATHENA, Greece (RDA Secretariat)

Leif Laaksonen, CSC, Finland

Amy Nurnberger, Columbia University, USA

Mark Parsons, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, (RDA Secretary General- SG)

Walter Stewart Reseach Data Canada

Ross Wilkinson, ANDS, Australia

Michael Witt, Purdue University, USA

Malcolm Wolski, Griffith University, Australia

Initial agenda items:

  • Review of Notes from last meeting: OA-notes-260314
  • Finalising Membership Agreement and Subscription Agreement and next steps.
  • Discussion of OAB Scoping Document.
  • Setting up Sub-Groups to tackle OM activities
  • Planning for OA at P4
  • Date of Next Meeting


  • No Any Other Business items brought up.
  • Review of Notes from last meeting: OA-notes-260314
    • The Chair started by reviewing the agenda and some points from the Dublin meeting:
      • The Interim OAB has not really yet undertaken any promotion of Org Membership.Think about this in the future.
      • There has been a discussion about the benefits of the organisational membership, which is on-going. Amy and Laure have come up with a new OAB Scoping Documnent (agenda item 3) which captures this in a clear way. It would be great if the Scoping Document can be finalised in the next meeting.
      • There has been also some discussion about the level of OAB membership fees. This needs also to conclude. 
      • Next steps: Legal review of the membership document. Mark and Amy are working on this to get someone to do it. Now we have a final version on this and also the membership agreement
      • We need also to discuss the next meeting.
      • Also, after the Dublin meeting: Walter Stewart volunteered as co-chair. He has been contributng to the OAB and providing sound advice. Very happy to have Walter as co-chair taking Leif's position.  
      • Go through all documents.
  • Process document
    • The Process document has been approved by the Council.
  • Finalising Membership Agreement and Subscription Agreement and next steps.
    • Clear that we need both. Agreement documents agreed once expectation text has been made to use passive voice. Mark to make the change and finalise (Action Mark)
    • Do need a clause on termination in the agreements– but make it symmetric – e.g. either side can cancel this agreement on 30 days notice
  • Application document:
    • “Organisation categories” à “Subscription categories”
    • Make spelling consistent (British rather than American English eg organisation)
  • Discussion of OAB Scoping Document.
    • Scoping doc to become text on website
    • Scoping doc bullet 1 – two views – a) replace “upon request of” with “to” and 2) keep the idea that it will be requested. Find compromise wording which catches both senses.
    • Scoping doc bullet 2 – change “community needs” to “organisational and community needs”; add “for example” before “with the goalof encouraging formation of WG/IGs ”
    • Scoping doc bullet 7 – reword as Organisational Membership role and move upwards or to intro – this is part of rephrasing the whole thing as a webpage entitled “Organisational Membership” or similar.
  • Setting up Sub-Groups to tackle OM activities
    • Sub-groups main to work on the following areas:
      • On promotion of the Organisational Membership including website. Volunteers: Malcom, Amy, Kevin, Michael, Siddeswara
      • On the P4 Organisation Assembly agenda, volunteer Walter. Walter will draft something for discussion at next meeting (Action Walter)
  • Planning for OA at P4
    • to include report from TAB to OAB and vice versa
      • To include presenatio nof OMs views eg from 3 OMs
      • To include review of WGs from org adoption point of view
  • Feedback for May Council meeting
    1. There should be more interaction between OAB and TAB, e.g. TAB chairs to OAB to report but also vice versa
    2. Should have a non-EU/US plenary soon
    3. Need to think about how to maximise regional benefits of RDA membership, e.g. add-ons to regional conferences
    4. Should issue guidelines to WGs on how to manage the time zone pain of VCs.
  • Date of Next Meeting
    • Should be monthly and alternate between the two time slots from the last doodle.