Initial OAB meeting 8.1.2014 with minutes

Initial Organisational Advisory Board meeting - Agenda

Tuesday, 8 January 2014 at 16:00 GMT. Web meeting link at

1. Welcome and Approval of the Agenda

2. Organisational Membership Process document.

3. Planning for the Organisational Assembly in Dublin March 2014

4. AoB

The Initial OAB file repository is at:  (RDA Organisational Advisory Board (OAB)).

Draft minutes from the meeting

Video recording:


  1. Amy Nurnberger, Columbia University, USA
  2. Cynthia Hudson, Washington University, USA
  3. Fotis Karayannis, ATHENA, Greece (RDA Secretariat)
  4. Juan Bicarregui, STFC, UK
  5. Walter Stewart, Research Data Canada
  6. Laurel Haak, ORCID, USA
  7. Leif Laaksonen CSC, Finland  (Chair)
  8. Merce Crosas, Harvard University, USA
  9. Stefan Kramer, American University, USA
  10. Eefke Smit, International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers

1. Welcome and Approval of the Agenda

The Chair (Juan Bicarregui) welcomed the participants and agenda was approved with the note to cover the membership fees in point 2. 

2. Organisational Membership Process document:

The document was reviewed on-line following the comments that have been integrated in the above version. It was agreed that the next version includes line numbers so as to be able to easily refer to the lines where the discussion points are.

The following general comments were raised:

  • The affiliate membership is not yet covered.
  • The membership periods and bootstrapping period need some discussion/clarifications.
  • It is better to use "should" instead of "must" throughout the document

Then the document was reviewed following the comments raised. The following specific points were made:

  • Under the Organisational Member Roles and Responsibilities:
    • The first benefits listed are more benefits from the participation in RDA rather than real benefits of Organisational Members. This needs to be reviewed. On the other hand the role of corporate engagement in RDA was also highlighted.
      • Action: Juan to propose solution and rephrase the bullets according to the comments
    • There will be one vote for each Organisational Member (OM); each OM may however bring more than one representative.
      • Action: Fotis to remove any reference to the number of OM represenatives allowed
    • Remove the reference to the compliance with the law of the country where RDA is legally constituted.
      • Action: Fotis to create an annex with Laure's suggestion on the Governing Law text
    • Drop the in kind contributions for now and add something on no refund of membership fees in case a member leaves
      • Action Fotis
  • OAB
    • Add a two year term
    • There is no representation of OAB in TAB (while there is the other way round)
      • Make a note
    • Consistent secretariat support is needed in all meetings
    • 12 members to start with instead of 8 (including chairs)
    • Bootstrapping: Overall annual basis! Half of the OAB members to be elected for one year and half for two years. Volunteers for one year and if the number not achieved then draw lots.
    • Not have any restrictions among organisational and affiliate members
      • Action Fotis to include the above
  • Membership fees
    • Principles: 1. Equal votes between small and large orgs. 2. Fee based on the size of orgs

    • Not change the fees.

    • No policing on the declaration of employees by each org

3. Planning for the Organisational Assembly in Dublin March 2014

  • Plan to have an OA (slightly more open) in Dublin. Slot within the main RDA days.
  • On the number of people it was agreed that 90 minutes are enough and a capacity of 50 people is fine.

4. AoB

  • It was asked what the status of RDA incorporation and whether it can receive funds.
    • Juan reported on his communication with John Wood abou the RDA foundation which will be the legal body. After the Xmas break it is now progressing again. The Council members will act as the trustees of the foundation. A draft of the Articles of Association is already available. Solicitors say that it is in good state and that probably in around a month it will be ready to be submitted.
  • Next meeting:Action Fotis: Create a doodle from 27 to 7 February 2014.