Initial OAB meeting 5.2.2014 with minutes

Initial Organisational Advisory Board meeting - Agenda

Wednesday, 5 February 2014 at 16:00 GMT. Web meeting link at

1. Welcome and Approval of the Agenda

2. Organisational Membership Process document.

3. Planning for the Organisational Assembly in Dublin March 2014

  • Meeting date and time: Wednesday 26th March from 15:30 - 17:00
  • Agenda: (1) Establishing OA and working principles, (2) Election of OAB and working principles, (3) AOB 

4. AOB

The Initial OAB file repository is at:  (RDA Organisational Advisory Board (OAB)).

Draft minutes from the meeting

Video recording:


  1. Amy Nurnberger, Columbia University, USA
  2. Cynthia Hudson, Washington University, USA
  3. Eefke Smit, International Association of Scientific Technical & Medical Publishers, Netherlands
  4. Fotis Karayannis, ATHENA, Greece (RDA Secretariat)
  5. Juan Bicarregui, STFC, UK
  6. Kevin Ashley, DCC, UK
  7. Larry Lannom, CNRI, USA
  8. Laurel Haak, ORCID, USA
  9. Leif Laaksonen CSC, Finland  (Chair)
  10. Mark Parsons, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA (RDA Secretary General)
  11. Michael Witt, Purdue University, USA
  12. Simon Hodson, CODATA, France
  13. Stefan Kramer, American University, USA
  14. Walter Stewart, Research Data Canada


  1. Merce Crosas, Harvard University, USA
  2. Mustapha Mokrane, CODATA

1. Welcome and Approval of the Agenda

The Chair (Leif Laaksonen) welcomed the participants and agenda was approved.

2. Organisational Membership Process document.

No overall comments were made to the document. Detailed comments were discussed in four chunks of around 50 lines each. It was decided that grammatical and punctuations comments should be sent off-line and that Fotis will do a quality check on the final version. All comments raised during the meeting have been included in a new version available here.

At the end the following issues were discussed:

  • The Articles of Associations for the RDA Legal Entity in the UK were approved by Council and a Bank Account will be available soon.
  • The Secretary General -SG (Mark Parsons) will be working on a formal RDA member agreement that all institutes will need to sign to become Organisational Members. Action: Mark. Then the Council will have to approve the application, and then an invoice will be sent for the organisation to pay. The membership begins with the Council approval.
  • The SG will negotiate about the above RDA Member Agreement with the 10 institutes that have signed a letter of intent. The 10 institutes are these Action: Mark 
  • On a question by the chair whether the document is far from being approved, the answers received were that the document was close to finalisation. It was agreed to send the current version of the Organisational Membership Process document to the Council for information, and the final will be sent as soon as it is finaised. Action: Juan
  •  It was agreed to have only one meeting before Dublin.

3. Planning for the Organisational Assembly in Dublin March 2014

The Chair reminded the meeting date and time: Wednesday 26th March from 15:30 - 17:00 and that the main items in the agenda are: (1) Establishing OA and working principles, (2) Election of OAB and working principles, (3) AOB. After this 90-minute session we need to have both an OA and an OAB. Then on Friday, there is the RDA internal affairs session with the reportings from OAB, Council etc. to the plenary.

The Chair mentioned that the OA meeting should be open, however voting should be available only from members that have signed the letter of intent. On a question on the main topics to be handled the following were raised:

  • It was noted that a nominations process for the OAB election needs to be prepareed in advance, e.g. by March 10-15 including nominations.
  • RDA WGs will start to deliver in 6 months and that they will want some organisational buy in from OMs, so it would be good to have WGs reporting to the OA
  • Setting priorities for WGs/IGs was also considered important; reviewing the WGs, existing ones and any gaps; new areas for possible new IGs/WGs and a forum to discuss outputs
  • Produce advice to Council which is a main purpose of this group.
  • Make clear why OA and OM exist, as there are a lot of RDA members not clear about the OA and OAB role.
  • Reviewing the list of the 10 (who have signed the letter of intent), the private sector is not yet engaged. A balanced OAB is needed after Dublin. An interim strategy to achieve this maybe useful. Maybe half of the OAB can be elected if the private sector is missing.

4. AOB

No AoB issue was raised.