Initial OAB meeting 14 May 2014 with minutes

Initial Organisational Advisory Board meeting - Μinutes

Wednesday May 14 April, 22:00 (GMT+1), web meeting with video recording available at


Stefan Kramer, American University, USA

Larry Lannom, CNRI, USA

Amy Nurnberger, Columbia University, USA

Mark Parsons, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, (RDA Secretary General- SG)

Walter Stewart Reseach Data Canada

Greg Tannenbaum, SPARC, USA

Ross Wilkinson, ANDS, Australia

Michael Witt, Purdue University, USA

Stephen Wolff, Internet2, USA

Malcolm Wolski, Griffith University, Australia


  1. and 2. Attending:  Stefan Kramer, Larry Lannom,  Amy Nurnburger, Mark Parsons, Mark Parsons, Walter Stewart, Greg Tannenbaum, Ross Wilkinson, Michael Witt, Stephen Wolff, Malcolm Wolski
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting approved
  2. Business Arising from the Minutes
    1. Scoping Document:
  • Document as distributed reflects changes since the Dublin Meeting
  • Michael Witt suggested an introductory text – Agreed
  • Ross Wilkinson suggested that advising on the implementability of product should be included – Agreed that it should come in point 4
  • Mark Parsons indicated that Council wants OAB <-> TAB liaisons.  Mark will ask each AB to arrange the exchange.
  • Mark will take the document with these changes Council at its meeting May 27th and 28th.
  1. Legal Review of the Membership Agreement
  • Mark Parsons reported on the legal review of the Membership/Subscription Agreement.  ORCID Lawyer confirmed that there was no risk to RDA with current draft.  Mark will take to Council for Approval
  • Larry Lannom asked if the same issue applied to the Subscription Agreement. Mark Parsons believes that the same opinion applies.  He notes it is not clear what a “subscriber” is subscribing to.  Takes action to sort and clarify w/ KISS (keep it simple) principle.  Walter noted that the “Subscription” option was intended for libraries who have budget for “subscriptions” but not for “memberships”.
  1. Application/Subscription Application Forms
  • Should have the option for a different billing address if different.
  • Spelling of organisation should be consistently British.
  1. Promotion of Organisational Membership
  • The committee has not met.  It has been awaiting the completion of the membership agreement and the application forms.  Michael Witt agreed to convene the group.
  1. Plans for the OA at the 4th Plenary in Amsterdam
  • Walter reported that he had requested two 90-minute back-to-back time slots that do not overlap TAB or Council.
  • Ross: Engagement with industry needs discussion on the agenda.
  • There was considerable discussion on the diversity of potential industrial members and the need to recognize that their needs may be radically different depending upon size and sector.  Choice of industry representatives on the proposed panel needs careful thought.  Current OA members should be ready to self-nominate to the panel.  Mark Parsons also noted that there are different types of not-for-profits as well.  OAB members are asked to think seriously about who should be on the panel in the interim.
  1. Report from Council and the Secretary General – Mark Parsons
  • RDA now incorporated, bank account expected 1 June.  Attaining “charitable” status begins after $$ in bank.
  • Next Council meeting May 27th and 28th in Paris
  • How to increase private sector involvement will be a major focus of the agenda.  EC’s Horizon 2020 programs are helping in Europe because the programs require SME engagement.
  • Mark asked for ideas on how to engage private sector. Stefan Kramer suggested a session for Industry at the Plenary. 
  • Walter suggested that a special session/reception for Industry with senior European Commission officials could be effective.
  • There will be working group outputs coming at Plenary 4 which may draw private sector interest.
  1. Report from TAB – No TAB members present
  2. Organizational Affiliates
  • Mark reported that he is receiving a considerable number of overtures re affiliation.  Stefan suggested that we perhaps limit the number of affiliates; for example, 4 per year.  Walter emphasized that global reach was critical national or regional organizations should join as members.  The OAB affirmed the current criteria.
  1. Other Business:
  • We have never had a worse video link.  Many attendees lost connection multiple times.  We need to explore an alternate solution.
  • No other business.
  1. Next Meetings
  • Thursday, June 12th – 11:00 to 13:00, UTC
  • Tuesday, July 8th – 22:00 to 24:00, UTC
  1. The Meeting Adjourned at 23:17 UTC
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Initial agenda items:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  4. Business Arising from the Minutes:
  1. The Scoping Document (Revised version) - Walter
  2. Legal Review of the Membership Subscription Agreement – Mark and Amy – see email transcript
  3. Application Document
  4. Promotion of the Organisational Membership – Note: Amy, Kevin, Michael, and Siddeswara volunteered – any progress and next steps.
  5. Plenary 4 Organisation Assembly – Agenda for Discussion
  1. Report from Council and the Secretary General – Mark
  1. RDA Legal Status
  2. -
  1. Report From TAB
  2. Organisational Affiliates – Definition and Criteria – Mark
  • have a (broad?) related mission to RDA and directly or indirectly contribute to data sharing infrastructure,
  • work internationally (how to define this? The idea is not to involve every national org.),
  • define explicit points of collaboration with RDA in an MOU such joint WG/IGs, adoption agreements, shared services, etc.
  • Provide a equivalent affiliate role for RDA in their organization (preferably with voting rights/do we extend voting rights?)
  1. Other Business
  2. Next Meetings
  • Thursday, June 12th – 11:00 to 13:00, UTC
  • Tuesday, July 8th – 22:00 to 24:00, UTC


Agenda attachments:

RDA OA Draft Agenda for discussion May 14.docx
RDA Organisational Membership Application.docx
RDA Organisational Subscription Application.docx