Re: [rda-oab] OAB & H2020 EINFRA-3-2014 "Towards global data -einfrastructures - RDA"

17 Dec 2013
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Dear all,
Since the publication of EINFRA-3-2014 and other calls last week, a number of people have asked me how "we" plan to respond. In addition, I have seen it discussed on a number of mailing lists.
Whilst perhaps an RDA/E issue, it is linked to our discussion of "funding" and Organisational Membership / the use of such funds.
Questions such as "how will the proposal be prepared?", "who should / could be part of it?" have already come up.
I believe that it would be useful - and would also save effort - to have a clear and transparent statement on this.
Something for tomorrow or to be discussed elsewhere?
Cheers, Jamie
On Dec 10, 2013, at 12:01 AM, fkara <***@***.***> wrote:
Dear all,
I have prepared the draft minutes from the last meeting. Please let me know any comments.
You can find them in
Also note that the next meeting has been scheduled for 18.12.2013 at 16:00 GMT.
Kiind regards,
Fotis Karayannis, RDA Secretariat
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  • Leif Laaksonen's picture

    Author: Leif Laaksonen

    Date: 17 Dec, 2013

    Dear Jamie,
    Thank you very much for your mail. I am very happy to learn that RDA and RDA Europe are seen so successful that that there are "we" who would like to join the next phase. I am sure you have looked at the call text for EINFRA-3-2014 and seen that the limited amount of money available (4 Me) through that call is rather small compared to the money available for the research activities and communities in other calls? I am not sure the Commission has thought of first supporting the RDA activities and then pay the Organisational membership fees through possible RDA Europe partner engagement? Perhaps you thought about something else? I am not sure I see a clear linking here between the "funding" discussion we have about Organisational Membership or the use of RDA funds and RDA Europe. Am I losing something obvious here?
    In the current RDA Europe context we have a group of persons working on a document, where we are asking potential new partners about their ideas for the next stage of the project and in case they are interested how they could best contribute and support in fulfilling the requirements expressed in the Commission call text. This will be done over the coming weeks. This discussion has already started among the current RDA Europe partners and will of course extend further to build up a strong consortium for the RDA Europe 3.0 proposal, with the deadline September 2014.
    The persons to contact at this stage are Peter Wittenburg and yours truly.
    -- leif

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