Webinar: How to share qualitative data: videos and interviews

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Webinar: How to share qualitative data: videos and interviews
27 Oct 2021 UTC

Webinar: How to share qualitative data: videos and interviews

27 Oct 2021

Researchers, who are encouraged to share their data openly, often face challenges when the data contains non-anonymized personal information. The topic for this event will be how to navigate the landscape of Open Data and GDPR based on experiences from researchers and NSD (Norwegian centre for research data).

In The ethics and responsibility of creating an open-access, multimedia language corpus, Lindsay Ferrara will consider some issues in creating an open-access linguistic corpus composed of multimedia video files. Specifically, she will discuss how researchers can ethically collect and archive personal data, share it with academic and other stakeholders, while maintaining integrity and respect for language users. 

In the Challenges and opportunities with sharing pseudonymized interview data, Live Håndlykken Kvale will talk about how in her PhD project on research data sharing, the sharing of the collected interview data became a practical challenge in itself. She will present her reflections on balancing participants’ right to privacy and the goals of open science and research transparency through open data sharing.

In How can you increase the FAIRness of your qualitative data?, Katrine Utaaker Segadal will give a general overview of opportunities and limitations when sharing qualitative data. Subjects she will touch upon are data management planning, documentation and contextualization, anonymization, informed consent and access control.

Discussion will be moderated by Agata Bochynska (Open Research group, University of Oslo Library).


Lindsay Ferrara is a theoretical and applied linguist working at NTNU. Currently, she is building a corpus for Norwegian Sign Language, the language of the Norwegian deaf community, as a way to promote this minority language through documentation and description.

Live Håndlykken Kvale is a PhD candidate at Oslo Metropolitan University and an academic librarian at the University of Oslo. She is interested in open research, scholarly communication, research data management, socio-technical aspects of infrastructure, personal privacy, research ethics, and the role of academic libraries.

Katrine Utaaker Segadal is a social scientist and Head of the Section for Archiving and Dissemination of Research Data at NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data. She has earlier been Head of Section for the Data Protection Services at NSD. Katrine is specialized in Research Data Protection and Research Data Management. She is currently leading the Norwegian RDA node work group.

Date and time: Wednesday October 27th 2021, 10.00-11.30 CEST

Language: English

Place: Zoom


Event organizers:

Agata Bochynska (UiO): agata.bochynska@ub.uio.no
Sondre Strandskog Arnesen (HVL): Sondre.Strandskog.Arnesen@hvl.no
Ane Møller Gabrielsen (NTNU): ane.gabrielsen@ntnu.no

As part of this year’s Open Access Week, several Norwegian academic libraries, together with RDA (Research Data Alliance) Norway, present a number of events with topics related to open publishing, open science and data sharing. All events are digital, and are open to anyone interested.