The research data insider: Research objects explained -towards FAIR-DOs on RO-hub

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09 Feb 2024 UTC

The research data insider: Research objects explained -towards FAIR-DOs on RO-hub

09 Feb 2024

Get to know ROHub, a platform tailored for Research Objects (ROs). With ROHub, you can manage, share, and preserve your research materials more efficiently. It even has a built-in tool to guide you in improving the quality of your research. Anne will walk you through real-world examples of how FAIR and ROHub can benefit you.
Key points: ROHub organizes your research into one accessible spot, making it easier to manage. Plus, it uses clear labels so both you and computers can make sense of your work


  • Anne Fouilloux, Simula

Anne Fouilloux is a Senior Research Engineer at Simula Research Laboratory. An active member of the Pangeo community that aims at promoting open, reproducible, and scalable science and leading the Galaxy Climate Science Workbench and the Nordic Earth System Modelling Hub.


  • Live Håndlykken Kvale, RDA-NO training and outreach group & UiO

Join us on zoom February 9th  from 09:05–09.30 for a 15 minutes of learning about a recent research data community output.
There will be 10 minutes for questioning after each presentation.


The global research data community produces extensive knowledge and expands the practice of data management and FAIR data sharing. Yet, it is challenging and time-consuming to stay up to date. In the research data insider, the training and outreach group in RDA-Norway invites speakers from the international research data community to talk about current issues and outputs.With this series the Norwegian RDA node wishes to create awareness, engagement and knowledge exchange regarding the many topics addressed and issues resolved through work in the global RDA community and other research data communities. 

Would you like to present output from research data work, or propose topics or themes, please contact the RDA-NO training and outreach group